performant MGV

The MGV can travel at a speed of 250km / h. It can accelerate and decelerate quickly thanks to the electric wheel motors. This compact and powerful engine is perfectly compatible with the principle of autonomous shuttles.


Powerful and lightweight engine allowing a light infrastructure and a powerful system

The motor-wheel surpasses any other motorization system since it provides a very high power compared to its weight. It is extremely efficient up to 95%, allowing it to get the most out of the electrical energy it consumes, while being much smaller and lighter than an internal combustion engine . The power of the wheel motors could allow accelerations comparable to those of aircraft (0-250 km / h in 30 seconds). This rapid acceleration capability will allow more frequent stops in secondary cities without penalizing the total travel time.

Between cities, its speed of 250 km / h allows it to serve competitively the transport of passengers on routes of hundreds of kilometers.