Public transportation network

With a construction cost estimated at $12 million per km for the Montreal-Quebec City line and $9 million per km for subsequent lines, as well as its significant advantages, it is perfectly possible to foresee MGV’s development into an extensive network connecting major cities in Quebec. Calculations of construction and operating costs allow us to consider the construction of several profitable lines in Quebec.

The least profitable branches of the secondary network (dotted lines) will provide the main trunk (core network in continuous lines) with additional traffic that will strengthen its profitability and will largely fund secondary lines’ shortfalls. However, state involvement in the extension of the original network may have to be considered in order to provide the best service to the population of Quebec.

Carte du réseau MGVWe believe that, using a service area network of 25 km radius around monorail stations, the network will reach more than 94% of the population in cities with 15,000 inhabitants or more, in Quebec.