Vision, Mission and Values

For the collective best interest


Deploy a technological know-how, the only one of its kind in the world, that of high-speed monorail (MGV). The MGV will offer the population a rapid public transport service, economical, durable, flexible and ecological.


Coop MGV's mission is to be the world leader in developing high-speed monorails and to gather people around this social project.

Coop MGV will implement all necessary efforts in order to:

  • develop the best high-speed public intercity transport, in the economic, social, technological and environmental fields, leveraging technologies such as the in-wheel motor
  • oversee the establishment of MGV’s network.
  • market these pioneering technologies worldwide
  • facilitate the continuation of research in the field of transport
  • create wealth responsibly to the benefit of its members, who represent the base of the company
  • play its role as a social and economic player by reinvesting a significant proportion of profits in innovative transport technologies in Quebec


Company's values are not only the foundation of the cooperative. They also describe the way forward for administrators, workers, volunteers and members.

  • Solidarity
  • Innovation
  • Longevity
  • Integrity
  • Commitment