Our Historic

The origins of Coop MGV

The interest in creating a cooperative to support the high-speed monorail project goes back a few years. An interview in 2012 by Mr. Claude Béland and Mr. Jean-Paul Marchand illustrates the original idea.

Monorail Cooperative - Interview with Jean-Paul Marchand and Claude Béland (in French)

Claude Béland; an inter-regional monorail project in Quebec under a single formula (in French)

The seriousness of the approach

logo-transparence-CoopMGV-400x150pxThe novelties presented by our company with respect to high-speed monorail project have required rigorous verifications by the Directorate of Cooperative Development, which finally authorized its creation. So on October 15th, 2013 our cooperative formally received its incorporation status as the "Solidarity Cooperative of the High Speed Monorail". To simplify its writing, the name is replaced in our communications with the acronym "Coop MGV".

On January 12th, 2014, our Organizational General Assembly adopted the Rules & Regulations governing the operation of the Coop MGV. The articles have been slightly modified by the Annual General Assembly held thereafter June 8th, 2014.

Broader participation

As its name suggests, this is a solidarity cooperative that brings together 3 different types of members:

  • Worker members
  • Supporting members
  • Business members

Thus, all persons (natural or legal) interested in the high-speed monorail project may become members of the Coop MGV.


Coop MGV Features

The first cooperative, dedicated to Research & Development of new technology!

Several cooperatives have played an important role in the development of what is now called the knowledge economy. However, those initiatives were complementary to their core business and served to consolidate or improve service to their members. To our knowledge, there is no dedicated cooperative dedicated to technology development from the outset. Coop MGV will be the realization of a world’s premiere which, hopefully, will lead the way to other similar companies.

With the same philosophy that drives today's major cooperative success, Coop MGV wants to create wealth but also be an example of responsible business. Rooted in the community, we want to gather around the high speed monorail project the driving forces of our society.

Coop MGV was founded in order to "create wealth for the benefit of its members and for the benefit of Quebec."