High Speed Monorail

General Specifications

The MGV (High Speed Monorail) is a suspended monorail with in-wheel motor. It consists of autonomous shuttles to the size of a bus, which can comfortably carry up to 70 passengers or ten tons of cargo.

These shuttles run on two rails supported by an infrastructure attached to steel pylons securely fastened to the floor and spaced from about 40 to 50 meters from each other. The two rails, one on each side, are supported by a continuous steel beam (openwork structure) which span between each tower. The wheel motors run on a rail protected from the weather by a dome.

The MGV is a bidirectional suspended monorail that runs at a height of about 13 meters with units traveling at high speed (250KM/h) on each side of a double track structure in opposite directions on reversed T-shaped steel rails (┴).
The shuttles are made of metal and composites which allows them to maintain a lower weight compared to the other public transport. This lightness is essential to the proper operation of the MGV.

Each shuttle is powered by two sets of new generation electric in-wheel motors (adapted to the rail). The system is fully electrified. The wheels are mounted on the specific tires allowing proper adhesion and a more efficient transfer of power.