An open cooperative model, transparent and that shows solidarity

The cooperative structure has characteristics that support the vision, mission and values of the business.


  • It is recognized that cooperatives have a much greater longevity than other types of business
  • Members act democratically, ensuring long-term control. Individuals cannot assume the Coop’s ownership for personal purposes. It belongs to all its members. Unlike a company that is based on common law, the creation of a cooperative requires a rigorous process where it must be clearly demonstrated why the privilege of creating a cooperative is granted

Diversified funding

The diversification of the financing types allows the company to ensure revenues from different sources thereby helping to reduce financial risks.

Contribution of private investors

  • Transport
  • Research & Development
  • Sustainable development

Social Financing

  • Caisse d’économie solidaire de Desjardins
  • The Chantier de l'économie sociale Trust
  • Social Investment Network of Quebec (RISQ)
  • Investissement Québec (IQ)
  • Fondaction (CSN)

Government Grants

  • Federal Government

Contribution through shares

Social Shares

  • Worker members’ fee
  • Supporting members’ fee
  • Business members’ fee

Preferred Shares

  • Purchase by Worker members
  • Purchase by Supporting members
  • Purchase by Business members

Help from the cooperative movement

  • Cooperation and collaboration
  • Services or infrastructure sharing
  • Promotion of membership among cooperatives

Immutable and flexible

  • Autonomous and independent company
  • Ideal form of business to ensure intellectual property’s protection
  • Inalienable
  • Solid and persistent business structure
  • Ability to create sub-companies (OBNL, foundation, etc.)

Democratic and Honest

  • Voluntary membership without discrimination
  • Promotes development of products or services by and for members
  • Bring out honest and ethical business practices
  • Members are equal in the exercise of power and equity (1 member = 1 vote)
  • Sharing of results and contributions


  • The company is committed to actively participate in national development, but also at local and regional level
  • Personal and mutual responsibility
  • Education, training and information to members so they can have on hand all the tools to effectively contribute to the development of their cooperative

We believe that this innovative project, invented by a researcher from here, must first be made for Quebeckers by Quebeckers. The cooperative wants to prioritize national economic development so that all of Quebec takes advantage of the huge potential benefits.

With social shares at $20CAD, we believe that the vast majority of Quebecers can exercise this right to property and can ensure that this cooperative and its patents completely belong to Quebeckers, inalienably and unchangeably.

We pledge to bequeath to Quebec a tremendous wealth of knowledge, expertise and know-how, for us and for the future generations.