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High Capacity

A shuttle every 15 minutes that can contain up to 60 people, that’s 10 000 to 15 000 passengers per day on the Montreal-Quebec line


Jobs creator and technologic innovations generator, the MGV will be the next best hit of our economy


Protected from snow and ice, the MGV is perfectly adapted to Quebec’s harsh winters


The use of autonomous shuttles allow the service to be adapted to demand, thus ensuring a continuous service, at all time


The electrical energy used by the MGV respects sustainable development principles


The MGV will allow to link Quebec’s big urban centers with low density population regions


The MGV offers many amenities designed to offer the best transport experience to all


At 250 km/h speed, the MGV accelerates rapidly, thanks to its highly powerful electric motor-wheels


The shuttles overfly the traffic, avoiding congestion and diminishing the number of vehicles in circulation