Our Team

We are working together to create made in Quebec innovations!

This project requires, from each stakeholder, an excellent collaboration, a sense of unlimited innovation and strong convictions.

We unanimously believe that Quebec has a unique opportunity to put in place a means of transportation that respects the principles of sustainable development and that develops a new niche of competent professionals. The team behind this cooperative is aware that this project requires, from each stakeholder, excellent collaboration, a sense of limitless innovation and strong convictions.

We have the expertise and energy to complete the high speed monorail project. Coop MGV stands out with a strong, democratic and legally recognized structure. The founding of the company relies on a competent Board of Directors, involved partners and motivated members.

All together towards a common mission: To be the world leader in the development of high-speed monorails and to bring people together around this project of society.


Patrick Leclaire

President, Founder and Worker Member

With a background in computer science and human science as well as a university education in environmental sciences, Patrick Leclaire has gained most of his experience through various positions at the National Bank of Canada, where he has worked since February 2005. As an advisor, certifier, application analyst and senior business analyst, he has developed his leadership qualities and influence network. Patrick attaches great importance to the coordination of green initiatives and it is in 2011 that he starts working for the high speed monorail project. President of Coop MGV since 2015, Patrick is not only an ambassador for the project, his determination and his passion for the cause are a true inspiration for many people.

Richard Moufarrège

Vice-President and Worker Member

Dr. Richard Moufarrège is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgery, associate professor at the University of Montreal and professor at the French College of Plastic Surgery. He is a member of several international plastic surgery companies. He studied visual arts at the Université du Québec à Montréal and created a live model drawing course for plastic surgery residents of the Université de Montréal program.

Editor of numerous research and publications in the field of plastic surgery, he is regularly invited to give lectures at international conferences, which he can do in four different languages. He is the father of several world-renowned surgical techniques, and the inventor of tools and devices, including an intradermal mechanized suture device (US patent).

Serge Gauthier

Treasurer, Founder and Worker Member

Following a degree in economics, Serge Gauthier pursued a career in transportation to the federal government first and then to the provincial government, where he successively participated in the management of the programming of the work of transport infrastructures, at the development and implementation of a program evaluation policy and the development and administration of a policy to assist railway infrastructure improvement through file and project analysis in rail transport.

Paul Trottier

Secretary, Founder and Worker Member

Paul Trottier holds a Master's degree in Public Administration and International Management, and works in the Quebec public service as an international affairs advisor in the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI). In particular, he served from 2011 to 2013 at the Délégation générale du Québec in Paris as an immigration consultant. Prior to joining the public service, Paul worked in the television industry and was also a political attaché for some MPs. He has also been a commissioner for the Montreal School Board for 12 years, including four as vice-president of the institution.

Michel Laforest

Founder and Worker Member

Michel Laforest holds a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Laval University and a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Ottawa. Michel has been working in the environment for more than 30 years and has always supported initiatives in sustainable development. It has resulted in several major projects in urban infrastructure and renewable energy.

Jacques Collins

Administrator and Corporate Member

With a CPA accounting background, CGA from HEC, Jacques Collins has fifteen years of experience in finance in the property and casualty insurance sector, including 12 in the cooperative sector. He spent 8 years in the media business in finance. For the past 10 years, Jacques has been the General Manager of the only electricity distribution cooperative in Quebec. A great cooperator at heart and convinced of the use of our wealth of green energy, he wants to be part of the major projects of a public transport company.

Michel Cambron

General Manager and Worker Member

Michel Cambron received a Bachelor of Engineering degree from École Polytechnique de Montréal and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Michel has worked for more than 25 years in large companies (Bombardier Aerospace, SPAR Aerospace, CAE and Harmon Industries) where he held various management positions in project management. Michel has led major projects for the development of new products with sophisticated technological content with international partners. He is a member of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec.

For more than twenty years, Michel has taught courses in Project Management and Systems Engineering as part of the Master's degree in Technological Project Management at École Polytechnique de Montréal and Université Laval. In recent years, Michel has given training in project management and consulting.

Louis Major

Administrator and Worker Member

Louis Major is a mechanical engineering designer with over 20 years of design experience in the engineering field. Passionate about science and technology, visionary and avant-garde, Louis is very involved in ecological causes and particularly that of the electrification of transport. It was primarily through passion for design and seeing the full potential of a high-speed monorail that he designed several components and systems of the MGV and was involved in its promotion.

Sylvain Dubé

Administrator and Support Member

Sylvain has been working in the telecommunications field for almost 15 years. He specialized in structured large-area cabling and has been involved in projects such as the Montreal General Hospital, Saint-Justine, Canadair, Mbam and most recently the new CHUM. Self-employed for several years, Sylvain has acquired knowledge in personnel management, project management and contract management

In 2016, his interest in management led him to begin certification in project management at HEC Montréal. Being calm and observant, Sylvain likes to invest in projects that allow him to surpass himself and discover new horizons. Seeing the concept of MGV, he quickly wanted to get involved and use his ideas about what the future of transportation should be. Sylvain became a member and joined the Coop MGV Board of Directors in the spring of 2016.

Sylvain Lavoie

Administrator and Support Member

Sylvain Lavoie is trained as an electronic technician in telecommunications. He has completed the Microsoft MCSA Certification Program and is currently completing a Certificate in Service Administration. He recently received the training "Renewable Energies" by Ecohabitation. He has been employed by Hydro-Québec for 28 years, where he acted as an expert technologist in dam metrology, he was a computer network manager for Hydro-Québec International and now he is working in the calibration laboratory at research center (IREQ) in Varennes. He is the inventor of the PMU (Universal Measuring Station) for the instrumentation of dams.

Sylvain has been a member of the Provincial Health and Safety Committee, allowing him to better understand the legal aspects related to the health and safety of the project. He also owned a company providing IT support, web hosting and website design as well as corporate data backup for 10 years.

Julie Coulombe

Marketing Advisor and Support Member

Julie Coulombe holds a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Communication from Laval University. Professionally, she first evolved as a graphic designer and then as a project manager for multidisciplinary teams. It is fueling creativity and marketing in all its forms.

Teamwork and human relations are his great motivation. With this in mind, she joined the Coop MGV team to help develop marketing initiatives and participate in a challenging project.

Martin Lapointe


A trained geographer, Martin Lapointe became interested and specialized in projects for the use and development of technologies for the representation and management of territorial dynamics. As a professional in government, he is currently working in the area of public safety. His career has been built around a passion for innovative collaborative development, knowledge transfer, and networking in advanced technology areas. He has a strong interest in being involved in community-driven initiatives such as Coop MGV.

Paul Leclaire

Advisor and Ambassador

Paul Leclaire is above all a father. Paul chose an active but balanced lifestyle. With training in human resources management and civil engineering, he has shown great loyalty to his employer Hydro-Québec for thirty-four years in jobs as varied as interesting. Loyal also in his love life, he has the chance to share the beautiful moments of his life with his wife for over thirty years. In his youth, Paul campaigned for many causes, but especially for peace in the world in the 1980s when the risks of world war were palpable. He was quickly seduced by the suspended monorail project. The motor-wheel is a project that he has followed with interest from the privileged information he received from Hydro-Québec, promoter of the project at the time. Next step: Start the monorail as quickly as possible.

David Bélanger

Advisor and Corporate Member

President and cofounder of Coopérative de solidarité intra entrepreneuriale (.Cie), David has over 18 years of experience in web project development. Today, leader of digital projects in information system, David is a business analyst. His skills are in international business, information systems and project management.

With more than 100 projects in digital business, from the creation of marketing communication websites to online stores, to customized development. David finds solutions to the challenges of information technology and digital technology. It carries out social innovation projects for the development of intra-entrepreneurial cooperation. The Coopérative de solidarité intra entrepreneuriale (.Cie) is a member partner of Coop MGV. For more details, visit cie.coop.

Hugo Labrèche

Lawyer and Support Member

Hugo Labrèche is an active director on the Board of Directors of the Intra Entrepreneurial Cooperative (http://cie.coop). Hugo graduated from the University of Montreal with a degree in law and arts, and was sworn in at the Bar in August 2013. He enjoys spending time volunteering for various small businesses by giving them legal nature and legal advice.